beaches in Sicily

One of the hidden beaches in nature reserve Lo Zingaro

beaches in Sicily

The sandy beach and boulevard in Balestrate

beaches in Sicily

The Guidaloca beach

beaches in Sicily

A beach in the town of Scopello

Beaches in Sicily

With all the beautiful beaches in Sicily, sun, sea and beach lovers are certainly in for a treat! The coastal towns of Balestrate, Castellammare del Golfo, Trappeto and Alcamo Marina are excellent locations to enjoy the warm Sicilian sun, the large sandy beaches and the azure blue water of the Golfo di Castellammare.

Balestrate has two beaches, one sandy beach to the east of the new harbor and the large beach on the west side of town. During high season, parts of these beaches are occupied by so called lidi (plural of lido), or lidos, which are private beaches where you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas. However, the main part of the beaches remain free of charge!

If you take a nice stroll along the beach from Balestrate to Castellammare del Golfo, you’ll pass Alcamo Marina, the summer location for the people of Alcamo.

Castellammare’s large sandy beach is located outside of this coastal town. On the other side of Castellammare you’ll find the pebble beach of Guidaloca. After a few minutes’ drive to the West you’ll arrive at a small beach at the famous tonnara in Scopello. This beach is frequented by many visitors, so if you’re looking for more tranquil beaches, you‘d better drive a little bit further to nature reserve Lo Zingaro. Here you’ll find several small pebble beaches along the rocky coastline. A beautiful place to combine a walk in nature with a dive in the azure blue sea!

Of the beaches closest to Palermo, the one in Mondello is the most famous. On sunny days (so most days of the year), many tourists and city residents come here for a day at the beach, so the area gets crowded quickly. If you’d like to avoid the crowd, we advise you to visit Mondello during low- or mid-season. Close to Palermo you’ll find the Medieval town of Cefalù. You can combine a visit to this nice little town with an afternoon on its sandy beach.

These are only a few examples, but as you can see, there are lots of possibilities for a lovely day on the beach in Sicily!